Helping people live a healthy later life

My wonderful participants have been saying such lovely things.

The world seems a better place after an hour of exercise with Ketyn.
Going over and beyond her remit of leading our exercise sessions she has also arranged social chats for our groups so we can keep in touch which have been brilliant. She has been so caring and supportive during these lockdowns


Ketyn runs an amazing Extend class for both men and ladies of “a certain age”! The sessions are both professional as well as fun and a great start to any day. I am enjoying the Zoom sessions and would really recommend them to anyone who wants to exercise in a fun and non-pressurised situation. Many, many thanks


I really do feel that Ketyn’s Extend classes have extended both my physical and mental health in the past two years – in the exercise room and online on Zoom. They make you feel BETTER

Vivien 82

These sessions are my lifeline, so enjoyable and positive


I benefit from Ketyn’s sessions because of the clear instructions, which are always given with kindness. No criticism or bad remarks to/about is made to anyone, ever. Ketyn, you are a star!

Midsomer Norton

I am an 83 year old widow and I love the Extend Classes as we exercise all of our joints to music (standing up and seated). Ketyn is a brilliant teacher and ensures we exercise within our capabilities – a little exercise is better than no exercise at all

High Littleton

I enjoy Ketyn’s exercise sessions both on Zoom and in person (when possible). I find that they help my co-ordination, balance and stretching. Ketyn makes exercising fun rather than a chore!


I enjoy Ketyn’s sessions because and I always come away feeling great mentally as well as physically. I love dancing to some of the old favourites and the balance exercises have really helped me.


Ketyn leads excellent, well thought out and presented exercise classes and I find the Zoom sessions very enjoyable – it’s like having one-to-one sessions with Ketyn. For those of us living on our own, she took the trouble to contact us over the Christmas period to see how we were coping. That is true friendship! Thank you Ketyn – you are a star!


I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the sessions – there is no pressure or competitive element to the moves and they can be adapted as you feel most comfortable with. The sessions have certainly made me feel ‘fitter’ and think more about my posture which is a positive.
The Zoom sessions give you a chance to see others which is particularly useful if you live on your own and it’s something to look forward to.


Ketyn is always happy, and genuinely willing to help any of the group in any way she can.

Midsomer Norton

I enjoy the Zoom sessions as I need the exercise and find I’m more committed by being with others – and it feels sociable.

Betty (aged 91)

The sessions with Ketyn always create a really good feeling while keeping us fit – the music is most enjoyable as it reminds me of my far off youth. She is by far the best fitness teacher I have found and also takes a great interest in each of us and is always kind and caring


I so enjoy the benefits of my Extend classes with Ketyn. She is such a good instructor and also kind and relates to people easily. These qualities make her an ideal candidate for this sort of job. The provision of the Zoom sessions takes a lot of hard work and dedication which members of her classes much appreciate.


It has always been a joy to be part of Ketyn’s Extend Classes. Her dedication and obvious love of her chosen profession is conveyed in demonstrating the exercises and routines.

Midsomer Norton

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