Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes

After one of my close family was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 (happily she is now in remission). I decided to take a close look at what self-care products I was using on my body and in my home. This led me on an interesting journey of exploration and the desire to educate myself about the dangerous chemicals to avoid. I found Norwex when I attended a home show of one of my friends and knew straight away that I had to be an advocate of this amazing brand.

The mission of the company is to improve quality of life by radically reducing the amount of chemicals and plastics being used.  Above all, Norwex offers people alternatives and solutions to everyday issues. Norwex can show you how you can clean your home using just water and their flagship microfibre with “BacLock”.  The fact that the company is vegan friendly and does not test on animals also appealed to me.

Norwex products along with a healthy diet and regular exercise are important factors in keeping myself and my family healthy.

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Extend Your Health - Norwex Logo

Norwex it has transformed my life!

Since Ketyn introduced me to Norwex it has transformed my life! Unbelievably I now love cleaning – it’s so quick and easy using the cloths and just water. Thank goodness there is no need for nasty chemicals anymore which take your breath away! I have also had great results from using the Norwex toothpaste. I have suffered with mouth ulcers on and off for years and after just 2 weeks of using it, the ulcers had cleared and I am thrilled that I am now ulcer free 3 months later, I can’t believe it!

Made our journey really easy

As a family we had been wanting to cut chemicals in our home for a while but were really unsure where to start.  Ketyn guided us through the process, introducing us to many of the Norwex products and made our journey really easy.  The benefits to our household, especially our son’s asthma, have been incredible.